What I've always found intriguing is how we’re just supposed to “figure it out”. Figuring out our career paths from an age as young as 16, which is when I started my University Bachelor’s degree.
Without proper guidance, analysis or trials, we’re supposed to just choose a career and hope for the best?
Some people wake up at age 50, with realizations that they have built a career for which they are completely not suited.
What if – based on your innate unique skills and gifts - you are able to identify the most suited career paths with higher probabilities of not only success but genuine fulfillment?
Whether just starting out, or experienced & considering a change across similar or completely different industries, YOU deserve a chance.


Personally, confidence has changed my life. Being able to walk into a room and command presence without saying a word, the ability to connect with different demographics from all walks of life. It is a crucial trait that comes naturally to some people and for others, confidence can be an acquired skill. Do you struggle with low self-esteem, shyness, limiting beliefs and crippling fear? This tailor-made coaching will challenge your doubts, perceptions, patters and give you practical tools to navigate through all aspects of your life.


Coming from a very diverse background, with experiences across various countries and industries, transition (change) has been the constant in my life - as is the case for a lot of people.
With every transition, comes different outlooks and challenges – be it transition in environment, relationships or jobs – it is important to navigate through these changes positively all the while not losing sight of your true, unique self.


I love connecting with people and the success of events lies in just that – people. Over the last few years, I have led and participated in some highly remarkable events. Some of the services I provide for select events - both Live and Online - include: presenter/host, facilitator, interviewer & panel discussions. I look forward to collaborating with you!

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