You deserve to live out your version of an incredible, well-rounded life! Be it with Confidence, Career, or Change (Transition), we’ve all struggles with one or more of these aspects of life. Navigating through these challenges without losing yourself is no mean feat but so essential to your overall quality of life. The good news is: You don’t have to do it all on your own, there are answers.

I love connecting with people and the success of events lies in just that – people. Over the last few years, I have led and participated in some highly remarkable events. Some of the services I provide for select events - both Live and Online - include presenter/host, facilitator, interviewer & panel discussions. I look forward to collaborating with you!

You're not alone! Join a community of like-minded individuals, gaining support from me in between your sessions through regular updates, thought-provoking & life-changing discussions.


The ‘ToniaSmithBrand’ is centered around providing services through real experiences, passions & overall life lessons. Coming from a diverse background & an accomplished international career across multiple industries, I'm highly passionate about helping you gain clarity while aligning with your skills and essence to achieve your goals on your own unique journey. See you on the other side!


Success Stories.

Sadia K.
Psychologist, Dubai

I was skeptical about the idea of having a coach as I didn’t think it would make a difference. After just one conversation, I found myself re-evaluating everything and undoing some of my negative patterns. Tonia’s advice and support has shifted my goals, changed my working life and social relationships as well as helped me navigate where I invest my energy. For that, I’m really grateful. As a psychologist, I never thought I would need someone to help me rewire my brain because I should be an expert, but she gives me a completely new perspective. Overall, I would recommend Tonia as not only is she so intelligent and experienced, she’s also just a really fun person to be around and I always come out of our sessions revitalized with a new sense of purpose and values. I’m still in contact with Tonia and I simply find her - as a person and a coach - irreplaceable.

Riccardo B.
Director, London

As an event host/presenter, Tonia is amazing, professional, confident and very well presented. She was a pleasure to work with, easy to get along with, followed the plan of the event and made not only myself but everyone else comfortable. Looking forward to working with her again and I HIGHLY recommend her, 100%.

Luka K.
Electrical Engineering & Computing, Croatia

When I started, I was completely lost and didn’t know what I was doing with my life. I knew I was wasting my time, but had no idea how to stop. Today I know where I am going and what my goals are. Sometimes, you just need a small change to get you back on track. Tonia, you have the gift of recognizing what I need and what I want to accomplish, and through simple tips direct me to the right path. With you, it is easier to be better day by day. Thank you for that! For anyone that has read the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", know that Tonia is a rich dad, but for all segments of life.

Lilian E.
Entrepreneur & SEA (Search Engine Advertising) Specialist, Italy

I had limiting beliefs around selling my products and services prior to contacting Tonia. She helped to look back on my early life and how some of the experiences of my past were affecting my confidence in my adult age. Thank you Tonia, for helping me get clarity and walking me through procedures in identifying how to showcase the unique values of my offerings. Today, I am still on this journey with her as I’ve already seen results after only a handful of sessions. Tonia Smith is a great coach & I love her approach.


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